Group Coaching


  • PERFORMANCE improvements often come faster through group coaching, target steps and eventual achievements are often hit significantly faster with group calibrations and accountability. 
  • CREATIVITY blossoms in group formats. ideas are  presented to the group and often come back refined with aggressive short term actionable items to be executed. 
  • SELF-ESTEEM fulfillment are enhanced in group formats, as many people gain a greater self worth through contributing to others along with the experience of celebration.
  • SELF AWARENESS and understanding are developed during group coaching. 
  • Team conception is clearly understood, as you see the practical application of a team coming to pass. You quickly understand the power of the law of harvest. By giving a little to some, the wealth returned is significantly given back.

What is it?

  • LIKE MINDSETS coming together with a common purpose in a small group setting. It is a safe space, focused goal setting, deepening awareness, taking action and peer accountability.
  • EXPLORATION is a critical part of group coaching. Encouraging powerful and direct relationships between the members of the group. In this learning environment your are encouraged to explore your imagination, openly participate and support your other group members. 
  • GROUP STRENGTH comes into play as you realize that your journey is not to be taken alone and you are surrounded by supportive, creative and invested people  helping you set new expectations and celebrating each action leading you your ultimate goal. 


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What it look like

  • GROUP COACHING at its heart is about creating action, decision making and self discovery within a group. The coach involved does not take the primary role, however helps for a collaboration with the group that encourages an exploration of learning within the group. This is generally done over several group meetings using Zoom for videoconferencing. 
  • CHALLENGE AND SUPPORT in a group usually provides a great deal of encouragement and support. Thus providing the motivation to inspire each member of the group to attain his/her goals. This is very helpful when encountering certain obstacles and problems for one to accomplish new achievements. Simultaneously, with appropriate context and trust, members positively feel free to challenge others to reach think bigger, to seek more empowerment while setting goals. This not only raises the bar, but pushes each member to attain a higher level of mastery in different situations.